General Roofing & Design Builder

Roof Design and Construction in OhioRay Roofing & Supply, Inc. is a design-build contractor, which means we can plan and perform all prospective roofing services under one roof. Rather than having to worry about finding another company to complete a certain part of your roofing project, you can instead to turn to us and we will handle everything for you.

Our company performs all types of roofing services. Whether you need a roof designed and installed on a new building you’re constructing or you need the roof on your current building torn off and replaced, our expert roofing specialists will finish the job on time and budget to ensure your company’s operations are interrupted as little as possible.

In addition, we have our own leak and repair division that is second to none and will quickly find and repair any problem that is plaguing your roof.

Understandably, having a brand new roof is not always in the budget for companies, which is why we offer a FREE consultation and help you figure out the best route to take. To schedule a FREE consultation or for further inquiries, contact us at your convenience.