Does Your Commercial Roof Need New Gutters?

Commercial Gutters The gutters on your commercial building play a very important role in its overall well-being. If the gutters aren’t doing their job, you might start to find leaks in your roof. You also might find that water is simply sitting on your roof and causing extensive damage to it in the process. Check out a few of the signs that will show you it’s time to install new gutters on your commercial property.

Water isn’t draining from your roof.

The easiest way to tell if your gutters are working properly is by simply examining your roof after a rainstorm. If all of the rain from the storm is gone, then your gutters are probably working just fine. Nevertheless, if the water is just sitting there, then you likely have a problem. This is a sign that your gutters aren’t working the way they should, and you will need to have them checked out by a professional.

Your gutters are pulling away from your roof.

Can you see that your gutters are starting to pull away from your building from the ground? There shouldn’t be any space between the building and your gutter system, so if there is, you should consider the idea of installing new gutters. Gutters that have pulled away from a roof won’t be able to capture rainwater and move it safely away from your building. It will result in water spilling down the sides of your building and pooling around your foundation.

You have water stains popping up on your ceilings and interior walls.

In a worst-case scenario, you will find out your gutters aren’t working when water starts to find its way inside your building. While the gutters aren’t always to blame for roof leaks, they are often the culprit. At the first sign of water stains in your building, you should contact a roofing company for assistance. You want to find out the problem ASAP so that you can correct it.

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