Common Industrial Roofing Issues

Commercial RoofingWhen you’re running a commercial company, the industrial roofing that you have on your property is usually not one of your top concerns. You have so many other things to worry about that it’s easy to overlook the fact that you need to do routine maintenance on your industrial roof to keep it strong and sturdy for years to come. As a result, many companies are forced to deal with industrial roofing issues that cost both time and money. Check out a few of the common industrial roofing issues that plague companies.


If you don’t take care of an industrial roof, there are many factors that can cause it to leak over time. Extreme weather changes can compromise the structural integrity of a roof. Improper maintenance can cause issues, too. In addition, even something as simple as bird droppings building up on an industrial roof can wear down the roofing materials and cause a roof to leak. At the first sign of a leak in an industrial roof, you should have a qualified roofing company come out and inspect it to make sure further leaking doesn’t occur.

Standing water

Many industrial roofs are flat. Because of this, water can sometimes build up on them and then sit there for days or even weeks at a time, depending on the local climate. It’s important to have a draining system in place that removes water from an industrial roof quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, that standing water can damage your roof and force you to do costly repairs later.

Overflowing gutters

Industrial companies need to make sure their gutters are cleaned out on a regular basis. Gutters are used to remove water from roofs, and if they’re not working properly, water can build up on a roof. Water can also spill off over the side of a building and affect the entire foundation of a property. If you are in charge of operating an industrial building, you should remember to clean your gutters out at least once a year, if not more often.

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