Ray Roofing is Proud to be ICRA Certified

Roofing contractors tend to face unique challenges on nearly all assignments, however, jobs can be particularly challenging when it comes to working on medical facilities, especially if the contractor doesn’t have experience performing such projects. Most of these facilities are open 24/7 and are constantly treating patients, which mean roofing contractors have to be creative and resourceful when it comes to repairing and replacing roofs. They need to avoid interrupting what’s happening inside of hospitals and other medical facilities and work to make sure that patients do not experience any disruptions during the day that could impact their health. It’s absolutely imperative for roofing contractors to be sensitive to the needs of patients while also carrying out the jobs they have been hired to do.

To make this process more manageable, the Carpenters International Training Fund has created an Infectious Control Risk Assessment certification for roofing contractors and others in the construction industry. ICRA certification is designed to make contractors aware of the dangers that are often associated with doing any construction work, including asbestos, lead, mold, and more. ICRA certification also informs them about different blood-borne pathogens and shows them about the concerns that they need to have specific to hospital environments. ICRA training enables contractors to work in medical facilities without risking their own health or putting patients into harm’s way.

Ray Roofing Supply is a company that takes pride in its ability to work on hospitals without causing a disturbance or putting patients at risk. We are ICRA certified, and we are qualified to work on hospitals in Akron, Canton, and Cleveland that require contractors to have ICRA certification. We take ICRA very seriously and work hard to make sure that the medical facilities we work with are satisfied with the roofing services we offer.