When is a Commercial Roof Tear Off Your Best Option?

Commercial Roof Tear OffsDoes your commercial building need to have a new roof put on it? You might have the option of putting your new roof over your existing one. However, there are also many times when you’ll be better off doing a complete roof tear-off and replacing your roof altogether. During a roof tear-off, a roofing company will remove your entire existing roof and replace it with a new one. Here are some instances in which this will be your best option.

You’ve already put a new roof over an old roof in the past

Did you put a new roof over an old roof in the past when you needed a roof? Or did the previous owner of your building take this approach? If this is the case, you should not simply put another roofing layer on top of the other two. Your building probably won’t be able to support it, and it’ll also likely be against local codes. A roof tear-off will really be your only option.

Your old roof has sustained water damage

If your old roof has had water damage done to it, it likely means that the lower levels of your roofing are in desperate need of replacement. You won’t be able to just throw another roof on top of them and go about your business. It’s important for a commercial roofer to check for signs of water damage before installing a new roof over an old one. They’ll have to do a roof tear-off if they suspect water damage has been done.

Your old roof isn’t strong enough to support a new roof

Your old roof might look like it’s in decent condition to the naked eye. But your roofer might determine that it’s not sturdy enough to support another roof sitting on top of it. If you try to do it, it could lead to your roof collapsing, or other problems could develop with your roof over time. You’ll need to schedule a roof tear-off to put down your new roof.

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